Our Coffee

Where would we be without coffee? To the Italians milk is a food, not a drink but to us Brits we love our lattes & cappuccinos with a great passion.

At the Deli we combine exquisite beans & organic whole milk with highly trained Baristas and a beautiful La Marzocca GB/5 3 Group espresso machine to produce a special coffee experience every time you visit. Each morning we take our time to 'dial in' each coffee - adjusting the grinder settings and coffee:water ratios in search of the best possible flavour. Precise brewing & attention is essential. We also love to get to know you & your coffee so we can make it just how you like it. It's a fine start to a good day when you have a tailor-made coffee in your hand.

We exclusively sell & use Monmouth Coffee beans (whole & ground). Monmouth provide beans from single farms, estates & cooperatives and roast to order for us. They form sustainable, fair and equal trade relationships with growers & exporters and travel extensively throughout the year visiting farmers, producers & cooperatives, continually sampling and buying new single estate coffees. They re-profile their roasts each time they buy a new coffee and as the current coffees develop and change over time. All our Baristas are trained through Monmouth Coffee Company on Maltby Street, Bermondsley, London. www.monmouthcoffee.co.uk

We sell single cone filter coffee and espresso based drinks. Coffee beans are so seasonal & full of variation and need constant re-tasting to achieve the right flavour profile. Not surprisingly, for our espresso blend we take Monmouth's advice.

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