We are very much a community café and cherish our local community, understanding what a special thing it is to be a part of. Living and working in the village helps us strive to create a great atmosphere for us all to enjoy. The Deli values, staff team and community feeling that have grown over the years is central to who we are. It is a result of so many people sharing an appreciation of the quality & care in what we do, by engaging with the deli as guests, as suppliers or as our hard working staff. We endeavour to support our village community in a variety of ways, from small raffle prizes to local charities, our annual support to The Shelford Feast where we volunteer to make & provide vegetarian food & run the stall to help boost their profits, to providing supper for Gt & Lt Shelford School PTA Quiz Night (...and even brown paper bags for their schools monthly cake sales!)

We continue to review our aims & business practices to make them environmentally sound so to try and lessen our carbon footprint. We use biodegradeable or recyclable packaging and carry out an annual recycling & waste review. We strive to keep our food, ingredients & service natural, sustainable & excellent.

As a society, we realise that where we shop and what we eat has an impact on our environment & the local community. We hope our guests choose to shop at Shelford Delicatessen because they want that impact to be a positive one.


We have over the years built up strong links with artisan suppliers in the UK and abroad with whom we are continuously talking, planning and discussing potential products, events & ideas. This is an area of the deli that gives us enormous pleasure, whether it is sampling new products (we love to eat), chatting about details of the latest visit to the small farm of a producer or sharing tastings with our guests (we love it when you eat too). We also spend time checking variations in core lines and exploring their product lines to see and taste new products they have just sourced.

Here's a big shout out to our cherished suppliers