How we began

Drew Wilkinson, already a trained chef working in restaurants and Nikki Wallman, a TEFL teacher with a BA Hons Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture, first met when they were in their early twenties. They spent a year in Australia working in café restaurants & exploring the Pacific Rim Fusion scene that was happening there, but on coming home to Cambridge, England noticed a distinct lack of ingredients and food creativity on the high street.

Back then, it was hard to even buy modern day staples such as chorizo - and so, the challenge was set; Shelford Delicatessen was launched with the simple idea of sourcing only the best sustainable ingredients and cooking with them.

Starting in a then tiny shop, with Drew cooking dishes to sell and Nikki behind the counter, the business went from strength to strength. They developed a range of products & services which rapidly received local acclaim, including artisan delicacies, produce, lunch menu, dinner dishes and event catering. In 2009 they went into partnership with Drew's brother & wife, Stew & Tam, and in 2010 started extending that little shop into the much bigger, wholesome premises including a new sit-down café with larger kitchens and a café garden. Ever since we have been growing our own style of café restaurant foods, including rustic, continental influenced menu dishes and seriously good coffee.

Food has come a long way in the UK since 1999, we are really proud to have been a part of that development.