Real Homecooked Dishes

You probably know the feeling of having got to the end of a full day of work or kids schedules and be standing in front of your bare fridge trying to summon up some inspiration of what to cook for dinner tonight...or perhaps you're having your kitchen refurbished, having a baby, an operation, friends to stay or you are just plain bored of cooking every single night. We all have busy lives and our dishes can lend you a helping hand.. a natural, wholesome, tasty one too.

We have been creating & cooking our own dishes at the Deli since we started in 1999. There are no additives, preservatives or colourants, all our meat is always free range, fish is sustainably caught and we are committed to sourcing only sustainable ingredients - some points you might not be able to say about your average takeaway.

Favourites include casseroles such as Balsamic Lamb or Free Range Chicken & Porcini but also Lasagnes, Traditonal Fish Pies, Lamb Tagines and our legendary Thai Salmon Fish Cakes.

You can relax in the knowledge that these dishes are definitely, properly, 100% 'homemade' here at the deli and not bought in from a UK factory outlet. By buying one, not only do you get a superb supper but also you are helping the local economy & helping provide jobs to local people.